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Efficiency is Important for Your Business

b2ap3_thumbnail_business_of_efficiency_400.jpgWhen your business runs efficiently, you will see the positive side effects start relatively quickly. While this seems pretty reasonable to most everyone, there are many business owners that don't know how to best produce the kind of efficiency that will take their business to the next level.

It's true that the makeup of any business has many facets. At Hawaii Tech Support, we excell in assisting small businesses in creating efficient operations out of redundancy. Here is a sample business with the work roles of the department managers:

  • Ricky is a business owner. He runs Ultratubes, LLC., a small manufacturer that makes small plastic dispensers. These tubes have all types of practical uses. Everything from hand lotion, to toothpaste, to petroleum jelly comes distributed in Ricky's tubes.
  • His sales team is made up of his brother Tom, a guy named Greg, and himself. The three of them manage over 200 active accounts and travel frequently to trade shows and expos in an effort to improve visibility.
  • His manufacturing team is second to none. They produce upwards 25,000 small plastic tubes a day. Ricky calls Harry, his production manager, "Thor" because he has a super human-like ability to meet tight production schedules.
  • Andrea is the accountant for Ultratubes, LLC. She is the only person other than Ricky to have complete access to every sales order, invoice, production order, and shipping order. She interacts with everyone and functions as a bridge between the sales and the production staffs.
  • Brent is the shipping manager. Under him are the packaging and shipping clerks that take the manufactured plastic tubes, package them up, and ship them to fill the sales orders.
  • Sienna is the human resource director. She ensures that Ultratubes, LLC. is a pleasurable and productive place to work in order to keep plastic tubes shipping out the door.
  • Paul was a second-shift production worker, but because he had the most knowledge about computer systems, he also moonlights as the company's IT man.

Does This Sound Like Business?
Each department's manager is responsible for his or her own teams. While some teams are larger than others. For example, the production team (36) is larger than the human resources team (1). All these teams, working in unison, produce millions of small plastic tubes for Ultratubes each year. As the business grows, however, they will need to produce tens of millions of these tubes to meet demand.

They will also need to upgrade their operations for every step in the sales process as their organization grows, because at some point, adding to their staff isn't going to help.

Solutions When Your Business Gets Stuck
A company can run optimal operations around the clock and there will always be a static number of employees they can use to fill the production and support roles of their company. By partnering with Hawaii Tech Support, Hawaii businesses can pick the brains of some of the area's top technology professionals. Our consultants can offer the integration of time and money-saving solutions to supplement your company's operational efficiency, including:

  • Solutions with Managed IT - We can promote efficiency by handling all of your IT-related tasks, such as, but not limited to, the management and maintenance of your computing infrastructure and the planning and implementation of any new hardware or software solutions.
  • Hosted Solutions - We can provide or promote a cloud-based solutions that would give an organization the flexibility of purchasing only the computing solutions that they need, for a dependable flat monthly fee.
  • Communication Solutions - We can provide an organization with access to Internet-based communication solutions that can provide a company with cost-effective and dynamic links with leads, customers, and vendors.
  • Data Management Solutions - We offer a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution that can be at the core of any business' continuity strategy.
  • Organization & Permission Solutions - We can provide you with solutions to assign roles and provide access in order to eliminate redundancy and allow the control of user permissions.

By partnering with Hawaii Tech Support, small and medium-sized companies such as Ultratubes will see their ability to perform tasks improve and boost the speed in which tasks can get done. If you are looking to supplement your current workflow with the newest technology, or if you need your current technology to work better for you, call us today at (808) 535-9700. Our offering can be just the thing your company is looking for to get you to the next level!

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